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Six Late-Season Tips for LGBT Home Sellers

As the most robust season of the year for most real estate markets comes to an end, those whose properties have not yet sold face challenging decisions. Many eager buyers who came out of the woodwork in springtime and then finalized their purchases over the summer are now gone from the landscape, and less buyers means greater competition for sellers whose listings are languishing.

Here are half a dozen helpful tips for home sellers who want to attract a buyer and close a deal before colder weather sets in, real estate markets slow down, and most of those who are shopping for a new home go into hibernation until next year arrives.


Evaluate Realtor Performance

First of all, evaluate your listing agent’s performance in an objective manner. Are they doing enough to advertise the property, and have they held any Open Houses to encourage visits from potential buyers?

If you live in a LGBT enclave, does your real estate agent understand the local LGBT market and have strong connections to those who live and work in the neighborhood? Sometimes hiring a broker who is also an active and supportive member of the LGBT community can be an advantage if you are a LGBT homeowner.


Redefine Your Goals

As the brisk sales season winds down it is important that you reexamine your specific goals as a seller. Ask yourself whether you are really determined to sell and move, or whether you might be interested in alternatives such as refinancing, renting part of the home to a tenant for extra income, or waiting until the market improves and you can realize a greater return on your investment.


Study the Competition

In a competitive market it is essential that you know what other sellers are doing. Know the listing prices of competing homes. Stay current regarding sales prices of homes similar to yours that have recently sold and how long were they were on the market.

Check out other homes. Examine their curb appeal and the conditions of important featu


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